Dan Gleneck for Ward 3 Moderator


  • Candidate's Name: Daniel L. Gleneck
  • Party: Undeclared
  • Office Sought: Moderator of Ward 3
  • Hometown: Nashua NH
  • Address: 151 Concord Street, Nashua NH 03064
  • Phone: n/a
  • Email Address:
  • Web site: www.gleneck.com/vote

Brief Biography:

  • Lifetime resident of Nashua NH
  • Age: 54
  • Marital Status: married (Rena St. Pierre)
  • Nashua Senior High School (1981).  
  • Studied computer science at UNH {University of New Hampshire}.  
  • Daniel Webster College, Webmaster Technology Certificate (2002).  
  • CollabNet, Boston, MA, (2013), Certified Scrum Master certificate.
  • John Mason Institute, Merrimack, NH (2014), PMI {Project Management} training & Six Sigma training
  • Occupation(s): Real estate consultant & contractor.  Previously;  technical web consultant, principal software architect / team leader.


  • Elected as ward clerk in ward 4 for two terms.
  • Has worked as a polling place worker;
    • during three presidential elections.  
    • in over 18 different elections.
    • as a ballot clerk for over 2 years.
    • as an acting selectman.
    • as an acting moderator.
  • Has a full understanding of each of the responsibilities of all the other election personnel, and understands the responsibilities and duties of each of these personnel.
  • Has trained other election personnel in the operation of the polling place.
  • Understands many of the NH laws governing the operation of an election polling place..


  • I have had the privilege of serving my community for over a decade as a ballet inspector, Ward 4 Clerk, acting Ward 4 Moderator and acting Ward 4 Selectmen.
  • During my experience in Ward 4, I have worked local, state, and presidential elections efficiently, implementing ideas that have made the voter’s experience easier and quicker at the polls.
  • I have the dedication, qualifications and experience to faithfully serve the residence of Ward 3 as moderator.
  • I enjoy participating in the election process.
  • My desire is to continue to make things more efficient and pleasant at the polling place, hopefully encouraging people to come out and vote on election days.
  • On November 4th, I would appreciate your vote to allow me to serve you as your Ward 3 Moderator.


On the City of Nashua's website, more information on the "Duties of a ward moderator" is available at http://www.nashuanh.gov/DocumentCenter/View/11169.  Below is an excerpt of the duties of the moderator from that document;  

The ward moderator; 

  • is the chief election officer in charge of the polling place at the ward level. 
  • supervises all the election officers working at the polling place. And as such needs to understand what each polling place worker job function is.
  • is responsible for the correctness of the election procedure. 
  • is responsible for the operation of the polling place on election day.
  • ensures that ever vote and every ballot is tallied properly, and properly accounted for.
  • ensuring that the ballot counting box is secure, functioning, and has not been tampered with, before and during the election.
  • other duties during the election day process may include, but are not limited to, inspecting the checklists, inspecting the voting machines, aiding voters, maintaining order, determining voter challenges, receiving and processing absentee ballots, opening and closing the polls, processing the vote counts, determining legal ballots, reporting the voting results, securing the ballots, validating/signing documentation, and returning the materials, documentation and counted ballots to the city clerk’s office.
  • is charged with maintaining order at the polling place.
  • is elected for a two-year term at the biennial municipal election,
  • is under the direction of the city clerk who is the city’s chief election officer. The city clerk will offer assistance to the moderator by phone or in person, if necessary.  The city clerk supplies election specialists to be available to aid the moderator with technical or administrative assistance throughout the day.
  • The moderator may be asked to participate in any recount procedures that a candidate may request.